Podcast: Illustrator and Artist Frank Morrison

Illustrator and artist Frank Morrison almost had his gift for art stymied as a young child. But with a little inspiration – and some break dancing – he persevered, creating imagery that depicts young Black children with a blend of musicality, rhythm, and love. 

Morrison has been honored multiple times with Coretta Scott King awards for his work. Here’s just a sample of his work:

  • I Got the Rhythm, by Connie Schofield-Morrison
  • Let the Children March, Monica Clark-Robinson
  • Little Melba and Her Big Trombone, by Katheryn Russell-Brown 
  • Jazzy Miz Mozetta, by Brenda C. Roberts

To learn more, check out Frank Morrison’s studio. And if you want to watch the Sybil video, click here.

This is In My Skin, a podcast about race and childhood. We hope to encourage conversations about race and childhood by talking to the scholars, parents, authors, teachers, and artists whose work impacts young children today, and learning about their own childhood experiences with race.

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